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I is what I is.

For months I have been planning and plotting and dreaming and scheming this blog. What do i want it to look like? what am I trying to say? Will people read it? Take me seriously even? All I have been doing is worrying about it. I want this space to represent me, my philosophies, my message. I don't even like the name! It was left over from a blog I had pretty much abandoned because I got sort of lost there too. But today I figured it all out. The name doesn't matter. What it looks like doesn't matter. It's my space so I will do whatever the hell I want with it. My grammar will probably be awful. Spelling will be ok. I am going to just lay it all out here. This will be my web spot where I can do my thing. My thing is fitness, music, family, love. Hopefully some people dig it. But if not - fuck it.


Stress - : a state resulting from a stress; especially : one of bodily or mental tension resulting from factors that tend to alter an existent equilibrium. -Merriam-Webster definition.

We all have it. We live with it daily. It may be work related, child related, or just something that straight pisses you off out of pure frustration. How we deal with stress is typically up to the individual. Some people scream, throw shit, break stuff, and cry. Others might hold on to that anger in for a while, letting it stew until one day they snap and choke somebody (don’t be that guy!) . Some of us have found a better way to deal with the never ending load of crap the world tries to feed us everyday .Here are some ways, that I have found, that work for me to ease the pain….


I LOVE QUOTES.  Who doesn't?  Sometimes we need to find something that we can relate to our everyday burdens or triumphs.  Here is a list of  25 of my all time favorites. Some are motivational, some are inspirational , some are just good shit that people need to hear sometimes! In no particular order.. I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to leave your own awesome quote in the comment box!

 1.  "If you don't like how things are, change it! You're not a tree."  - Jim Rohn

 2.  "I dont know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody"  - Bill Cosby

                                                          (pre-pudding pop days)